Best Shoes for Kickboxing

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Top 10 Best Shoes for Kickboxing 2018 Listed & Reviewed

To be able to maximize the benefits of each exercise, it’s crucial to understand what sort of footwear you need to be sporting to get the workout that you’re doing. For example, the top shoes you could potentially wear for golf will fluctuate greatly from the top shoes you could wear for jogging. Therefore, in the event that you would like to boost your kickboxing workout and get the absolute most from it, then it is well worth the investment to buy shoes that complement your fitness regimen and not hinder it. Listed below are the top nine sneakers in the marketplace these days to improve your kickboxing workout.

Best Shoes for Kickboxing
Best Shoes for Kickboxing

9 Shoes To Employ For Kickboxing

The shoe is an ideal match for kickboxing, since it’s ultralight, elastic and results in increased elevation because it enables your foot to move naturally while offering support. This shoe now sells for $190 CAD and you can also customize your style if you purchase them on line.

Reebok’s newest Nano shoe is made of a virtually indestructible fabric and is among the lightest, most powerful, and most advanced crossfit sneakers up to now. The shoe is made from Kevlar®, commonly used at the making of helmets and tires, and is intended to withstand a great deal of tear and wear. The midsole of the shoe has also been made to match more precisely in your foot and give excellent support during heavy lifting. Additionally, the 3MM fall platform provides improved stability for superior equilibrium throughout walks, and increased outsole lug patterns to get greater grip. This shoe now sells for $165 CAD.


Among the most recent Puma additions, this shoe is especially made for cross-training people and for men and women who do high intensity workouts like, kickboxing. Specifically, the plan of this shoe optimizes energy and movement through a high-intensity work out which makes it a welcome addition to anybody’s routine. The shoe can also be equipped with a range of performance enhancing features like, full size foam midsole for optimum responsiveness, flex grooves for rapid and multi-directional movements, along with a heel depth, which encourages side to side movements. This shoe now sells for $119.99 CAD.


There’s not anything quite enjoy this particular New Balance shoe, which cushions your toes the length of an extreme exercise. The shoe is made out of a CUSH+ midsole that supports the foot and also provides a comfortable experience when wearing them. It’s also simpler to slip your foot into this shoethanks to a exceptional tongue wrapping. This shoe now sells for $99.99 CAD.

This revolutionary addition to the Adidas lineup, provides people with a comfortable fit, which is vital for a high intensity exercise. The shoe is made using a stretchy, breathable mesh cloth on top and using a comfortable collar and a tight lace-up closed that results in a perfect match.


Among the most flexible shoes at the performance training class, this shoe provides superior grip and versatility, which is excellent for a high intensity exercise and volatile movements. The lightweight shoe permits you to move extra-fast and can be made with a fast-drying mesh cloth for breathability, and a contoured cushioned tongue for supreme comfort and support. This shoe now sells for $109 CAD.


The next GEL-fit launch from Asics, provides people with much more lightweight versatility, support and reactive action. The shoe includes a Mono-Sock® tongue along with a Flexible Fit System, that provide support and strain from the heel to your feet. The shoe now sells for $109.99 CAD.

This Under Armour layout, gives wearers with the supreme multi-directional training shoe which conforms to the foot and also provides cushioned landings as a result of its Micro G® foam inside the shoe. This shoe now sells for $99.99.


Another customizable shoe from Nike that features stability but lets you design it yourself. This training shoe is designed with comfort and support in mind, also enables users to get the maximum from high intensity training with all the support it provides. This shoe is the most expensive among the list and now sells for $230 CAD.

The Value of Understanding Arch Types

Were you aware your foot arch kind should ascertain what coaches you should be sporting? Your foot arch will impact the pronation of the toes. Although injuries because of foot arch kind and wearing the wrong shoes are somewhat more common in runners, it’s also feasible in different activities and sports, particularly in the event that you train regularly.

What’s Pronation?

Since your foot comes into complete contact with the ground it should encourage your entire body weight, in addition to provide sufficient shock absorption. Regular pronation helps you to push evenly from front of the foot. Your foot arch kind will ascertain whether you overpronate, underpronate (also referred to as supination) or possess impartial (ordinary ) pronation.

Overpronation happens in people who have low arches or flat feet. Since your foot meets the floor (the outside of the heel is likely to make contact ), it will obviously pronate by rolling up. But it is going to roll in a lot of, putting too much weight, strain and shock, on the inside of the foot, instead of the ball. The big toe and second toe does the majority of the workout when shoving again. The muscles, ligaments and tendons on your foot, knee and firming will probably be subject to a lot of strain as your leg and foot moves in too much better.

Underpronation happens in people who have high arches. Whenever your foot meets the ground the outer side of your mind reaches an increased angle, making more jolt and a greater effect in your leg. The smaller feet have to do the majority of the workout when shoving again. Neutral/Normal arch kinds allow more powerful shock absorption and weight aid. Push off is much more evenly dispersed throughout the front part of the foot. Even though people who have neutral arches are not as likely to suffer harms, it’s still important to buy the right shoes.

How Do You Determine Your Arch Sort?

Some stores have machines which can quantify your arch kind for you, however in the event that you prefer to execute the evaluation at home you can do this using the wet evaluation technique. Only get some paper, rather darker in colour, and measure it with wet toes. Then draw the outline of this wet footprint to ascertain your arch type.

High-arches (underpronators, supinators) ought to be encouraged with coaches that promote a natural foot movement, Low-arches/flat ft (overpronators) must wear sneakers that encourage motion-control and ordered cushioning shoes. The support will direct the foot to pronate at a more impartial fashion, and subsequently decrease the possibility of harm, in addition to improve posture. Neutral/Normal have a broader selection of sneakers and ought to search for coaches that encourage moderate pronation control and stability.

It is possible to buy additional arch supports in the event that you feel that your shoes are not supplying the comfort and equilibrium your toes need. Hopefully you have purchased the very best shoes to your foot type but in the event that you still believe you need more support there are a variety of products available to buy separately. Arch supports work by directing your foot to come back to its neutral position and maintain the weight of your body without affecting your feet, back and legs in a negative manner.

Finding the Correct Fit

As soon as you’ve decided your arch type, you want to be certain that your shoe fits you properly. Laces are the very best fastening way of kick boxing coaches. Though velcro is fast and easy to use, it does not maintain your shoe set up enough to encourage your foot satisfactorily. Your shoe ought to be snug across the center of the foot, in addition to the heel and ankle. Front of your coach (occasionally referred to as the toe box), if have more room to permit your feet to move around. It’s crucial to keep in mind when purchasing your size your toes increases in size and swell when they’re hot. Possessing a small gap on your shoe is recommended to permit for this. For instance, a half size bigger should be adequate without compromising fit.

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