Best Shoes for Bartenders

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Top 10 Best Shoes for Bartenders 2018 Listed & Reviewed

In this article we will only mention the bartenders shoes that users appreciate in 2018. If you are interested in the best shoes for bartenders in 2019 you can visit SoleGuru. Net to refer to the latest list!

Last weekwe introduced you a ton of foot maintenance hints from a bunch of podiatrists and podiatric surgeons, who shared their own guidance for relieving aches and pains after a long shift spent on your own toes. This week, we are turning the tables and asking you for information — especially, your hints for the shoes which are durable, watertight and comfortable enough to fulfill the criteria of this busiest high-volume bartender.

Why shoes? Chris Lowder of Seoul’s Charles H. pub puts it best:”Just Like Lieutenant Dan states,’Rule number one is to take decent care of your feet’ As bartenderswe famously take care of our own bodies. If your pub shoes are not watertight, it’s easy to fall to bad hygiene and also become fungal infections. Poor arch support, also, may result in long-term knee and back issues. The most crucial issue is to ensure that your shoes are non refundable. I have seen way too many workplace mishaps to allow my pub team function in the incorrect footwear. I really don’t wish to get too graphic, but I have noticed three colleagues slide and have severe injuries that led to practical losses in their knees and hands. That is serious, men.”

We surveyed more than a hundred bartenders to learn what shoes work for them. Here is what we discovered.

Best Shoes for Bartenders
Best Shoes for Bartenders

Women’s Martina, $130

“They are a godsend. I would not change anything, they are built strong and the break-in period was minimal. Reading the way that it assisted Jeffrey Morgenthaler needed them. I just wish I was wearing them earlier. It pays not only to your toes, but to the rest of the physique. I really like them.”

“They continue for years!! They’re so comfy and I can wear them for hours with no back or foot pain. They’re costly but worth the cost.”

Considering they continue a year also, it is well worth it. My toes are seldom sore”

“I use Dansko clogs and have for ten decades. These are the only shoes that I have discovered I can wear for extended amounts of time and never be in pain in the end. They’re slip-resistant, look good at a skilled and formal match, and that I love that they include some height to me”

“Dansko Walkers (not clogs) are the finest I’ve ever used for work. Good contour to the footback service, water resistant, and they create broad choices.”

Dr. Martens

“Doc Martens Emmeline are non and super durable, supple, resistant to spills, plus they seem great if I use them or from work. The disadvantages are that they’re really hard to break in and debilitating in this time period. In addition they lack arch support and need insoles. I also recomend their balm to help break them waterproof. They’re the exact same cost as Shoes for Crews however 3x as lasting and equally as comfy, even milder. They are not as comfortable at first than PayLess sneakers but they really last. I wear my 20 PayLess sneakers while breaking in new docs… as in I change shoes during toilet breaks when I’m nearly ready to cry.”

They keep my feet dry, no knee or back pain and are far more hip than clogs. The breaking in process is extremely painful.”

They are amazingly comfortable and easy to maneuver in once they’re properly broken in. Would recommend having them extended before wearing them for a very long time period.”

“Dr. Martens eternally. I now utilize the”1461 Mono” that are their classic all of black oxfords with black trimming round the bottoms rather than the normal yellow. They’re durable, comfortable, stylish. The sole real downside to some kind of Dr. Martens is needing to split them because the leather is so rigid. The very best way to help break them is to purchase moleskin padding liners (you can buy them at any pharmacy for $5). They do not called them”AirWair” for nothing. They continue forever. They’re somewhat expensive but you’re paying for quality shoes which will last you years. I’d like to wear the basic boots that are also good, but finally had to retire because after five decades of wear they look poor, but nothing is wrong with the way they work or how comfy they are. I wear them around in my day to day life. Again, the excess couple bucks to cover a pair would be well worth the investment”

“I now use a pair of Dr. Martens greased leather brogue boots (with moderate arch inlays). Though hard to break , then they act perfectly resisting a demanding therapy, being low upkeep and having an superb grip. Being boots with laces, they take more time to join up, but completely worth the wait. I’d suggest any top quality shoe which makes your toes step in the right manner, keeps a fantastic form and favors right foot motion and arch repose.”

“Dr. Martens, youthful! They have held up incredibly and they’ve fairly great grip behind the pub. I have had the exact same set for nearly two decades! My laces remain dry rotting though…” – Kyle Law, The Grey, Savannah GA


“Birkenstock produces a lace-up oxford I’ve been sporting for ages. They’re comfortable around the foot with lots of space in the toe box. Cramped feet are exactly what causes pain for me personally. They do seem like a hobbit would wear themif they wore shoes” – Dean, self-evident in Tampa

Comfy but kinda awful. Fantastic support particularly for those who have high arches. I’ve mine re-soled at least two before I need to retire . On the pricey side but may be seen on sale.” John W, Inn in St. John’s, Plymouth, MI

Shoes for Crews

“They’re super non-slip… however they are not really trendy.”

“Shoes for Crews nonslip canvas’Vans design,’ I must wear canvas shoes on the job and I enjoy the nonslip and they’re more trendy than other choices. I’d make them durable and watertight. Adding heavy duty work insoles makes a difference too.”

“They are non, super comfy, plus they’ve a 60-day’wear and also compare’ warranty. I wish they had been a bit more breathable.”

They’re 100% non, they seem great, the leather holds up to some material they are in contact — spirits, syrups, rain, snow, and road salt — without even breaking. They are simple to clean and last a very long time. I am coming up in my fourth year using the exact same single pair. I’ll certainly buy a brand new pair when my first pair eventually begins to fade (but who knows when that is?) .”

“They’re slip-resistant and water resistant, but are also somewhat trendy. My only desire is that there have been several shoes such as this that came from brown, possibly an imitation leather, or a different color besides black. Black actually is not my design and does not totally match with lots of my other clothes as much, but I do not like wearing anything that’s expensive and easily damaged.”

Nike athletic shoes

“I can not stand athletic shoes. I was style over substance and just wear cowboy boots and work boots. I wished to discover hamburgers’ clogs but was worried they’d slide off at a high volume pub. I began wearing Nike cross trainers from despair and they stored my spine. They seem ridiculous and contrary to my personality, but there’s not anything more comfy. I would like it if they had been oil resistant. Perhaps if they seemed much more like a Redwing work boot or something. But I am dressing out of the ankles up ”

“Nike Air Force Ones: it is the only shoe I wear. They go on such as lace, which can be great once you’re Asian and will need to take shoes off and on frequently. They always look great.”

“Nike Airs: Cozy while they’re still new, but they get dirty quickly and the atmosphere pocket does not survive so long as I want.”

Because of hot weather I feel much comfortable and do not feel warmth within them. The majority of my bartenders use them too. I’d really like to have my title customized with my nation flag too.”

Redwing boots

“They’ve Vibrams bottoms and are extremely sturdy and comfy. Would alter nothing. Nice dry cozy feet. Wish they were slip but they don’t have great grip.”

I really like the support and ankle equilibrium but the previous bottoms aren’t as resistant to slide as the newest versions are.”

I would not change a thing. They are definitely the most comfortable, durable boots I have ever owned. They are very slip resistant and have a fantastic, supportive, chunky only. They are expensive but they continue. I have had my current pair for 3 decades and I intend to put on them at least a year ago.” – Can Groves, Maggie’s Farm Rum, Pittsburgh, PA

They are hardy and last more than most shoes I have tried. Yes, we’ve got a dress code. . .but these shoes I would purchase no matter what.”

Honorable Mentions

“Chuck Taylors are minimal, cheap, and have sufficient hands; I have very flat feet so that they work for me. Would love when they had a small water resistance and much more grippy tread.”

They are comfortable, fit well and wrap round your ankle so that nothing could fall into your shoe”

“Blunnies. Oil free bottoms. Very reassuring. Impermeable. Long lasting.” – Warren Bobrow

“Mozo chef sneakers. Lightweight, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing for my own style. I used to swear by Shoes for Crews until I discovered Mozo that’s much lighter and much better looking. The price is about the exact same and so much durability has been considerably better” – Margie, Maxfields on Main, Boonton, NJ

“Adidas Samba Classics. They are excellent in most scenarios, wet surfaces and whatnot. In addition they hold up for quite a while.” – Benjamen Hart, Homestead, Meridian, Idaho

“John Varvatos Chelsea boots. They’re comfy and fashionable, but not entirely watertight” – Leo Robitschek, Nomad, New York

“PF Flyers Center Lo. I really like that they’re nonslip, comfy enough to put on being on my feet for 10 to 12 hours at a time, and when I want to operate on the opposite side of this pub, they seem fitting and casual. I wish they had been watertight, on any given night of the week you’re standing in two inches of water. At $50 a couple, if I could get 6 months from these, they have paid for themselves” – Elliott Mizuki, Polite Provisions, San Diego, CA

“Laforst Jess Work Flat. I enjoy the fact they seem relatively normal! They’re extremely comfortable, slip resistant, and that I do not feel super from place out them after my change. I really do need to coating insoles to be able to find the support that I need / need from a shoe. That’s the 1 big thing I’d change . I really do think you will find others that work behind the rod, but if you’re out in front of individuals frequently (I’m, as a supervisor ), I actually enjoy the appearance and feel of those shoes.I can repair the relaxation and also the occupying myself, however should they fall apart after a challenging week, it isn’t worthwhile. I’ve found myself spending more cash than I’d love to work shoes since the”new trends” have not managed to hold up”

“Emeril Lagasse non-slip shoes. I just recently purchased them, but up to now I love them! They’re extremely comfy and do not get really smelly. They’re definitely the most comfy service shoes I have had up to now. Furthermore, they have good heel support. Do not have a thing to modify, yet! I will need to find out how durable they are. Already seem more lasting compared to other pairs I have had.” – Kimberly Gagnet, Red Zeppelin Pizza, Baton Rouge, LA

“Bragard Josias Black Chef Shoes. They are excellent, but you need to replace the insole to get an athletic gel fit. These items are steel-toe tanks which continue forever. Very secure, non-toxic, and also make you to a bartending terminator. They last forever, and you merely need to replace the insole ever 6 weeks. Waterproof, steel toe, long-lasting, non, leather look, with great support. These sneakers nail all six classes. You merely need to replace the insoles and you are set!” – Chris Lowder, Charles H., Four Seasons, Seoul, South Korea.

“Payless StepSafe. They are practically disposable but they’re imitation leather, so that my toes do not get soaked if there’s a spill behind the pub. They also come in broad which is quite essential for me personally. They are sometimes worn with all the skinny jeans I’m required to wear my bar, not make me seem like I’ve feet. I’d only alter their insoles and durability. However, in less than 40 dollars, I am not whining.” – Kate Carpenter, Ovinte, Jacksonville FL

“Crocs. I use bistro-style Crocs and that I also wear them anyplace else on earth too. They’re like walking barefoot and the entire planet is coated with rubber. I’d strongly consider not functioning to get a location that would not let me my Crocs. I struggled to get married at the and scarcely lost that struggle. My Latin Nickname is El Crocodrilo. I enjoy Crocs.” – Nathan Dalton, Catahoula Hotel, New Orleans LA

“Sanitas. Dansko was that the shoe I utilized until I discovered they were produced by Sanitas. Danskos are great but Sanitas bottoms last longer and are more comfy. I’ve been wearing them for 9 decades. I also always recommend gold toe compression socks to assist with calf and leg pain.” – Ted Kilgore, Planter’s House, St Louis MO

Words of Caution

“I did work in a pub that required white and black Chuck Taylors. Irresponsible and reckless, I state. Shame on them. I truly messed up my ankle by hammering it on the kick railing after slipping to a puddle of beer. They refused to acknowledge they made a bad option. Shoes are important for security. Vans and notably Converse are NOT nonslip. Skate clasp or not. Most trendy non-slips aren’t comfortable. Many clogs aren’t very affordable. We are in need of a much better shoe” – Akiko Hagio, Sanctuari Bar in Triniti, Houston, Texas

“Shoes for Crews fall apart too quickly. Danskos wear and hurt my ankles since there’s inadequate support.” Caitlin O’Brien, Felipe’s Taqueria, New Orleans, LA

“Harvard and Stone was denim and workwear. So my sneakers clashed and it made me want to wear boots more frequently. That was not intelligent. My present bar requires us to use Converses or Tom’s. That is suicide behind the pub, so I am back to my own Nikes, in breach of this dress code” – Ryan Sumner, Whiskey Cake, Houston, TX

“The restaurant that I work at lets Converse, and the majority of the women wear them. I wore Converse for a single change as well as my feet have been killing me” – Kimberly Gagnet, Red Zeppelin Pizza, Baton Rouge, LA

Food for thought

“I would like bar shoes which are ” – Timothy Skondin, OC Tavern. “I search for quality for your money when factoring durability and cost per cent. As a third generation bartender among the first lessons I learned after’no speaking politics’ was’wear great supportive apparel’.” – Megan Fraser, CUT by Wolfgang Puck in the Four Seasons, NY.

“I believe fashion is very important to function shoes — so lots of the non shoes possess this form of glossy, black,”you-can-tell-I’m-a-work-shoe” look. Something about that cheapens one’s apparel if they are not top grade. I really do feel that fantastic work shoes are incredibly important, but I do not feel that lots of men and women are prepared to spend decent money on a fantastic brand.” – Kaleena Goldsworthy, Flying Squirrel Bar, Chattanooga TN.

“One thing which also assists in relaxation is to acquire different arch support insoles. Stretching the lower spine frequently helps pain from standing all day. Just a small yoga goes a very long way!” – Douglas Bedford, The Dual Standard, Oakland, CA.

“Investing in great quality sneakers may not fail. We invest our toes far longer than the typical employee and we can not afford sporting poor high quality sneakers which may ruin our health and wind up causing harms. It is true that in certain bar jobs shoes become ruined and badly handled, but opting for the cheapest alternative may wind up being more costly from a health-related perspective.” – Ivan Villegas, Swift, London.

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